Sarah Wight New York Candid Adventure Photographer

    Who’s this stranger following me around on the greatest day of my life?

    Hey there, I’m Sarah. I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t have a camera in my hands. As a child, I was always stealing my mom’s camera—I loved the way I could freeze a moment in time with the click of a button. I shot my first wedding at age 18, and as I watched the couple holding each other, so alive and full of joy, it sparked a fire in me that has led to an unbelievably fulfilling career as a wedding photographer.

    I graduated with a BFA in photography out west, before working under the talented James Ransom for 3 years. Today, I’m usually photographing weddings in New York City, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other areas nearby. I’m also an avid traveller and have brought my camera along to adventures all over the country and overseas.

    On any given night, you can catch me ballroom dancing somewhere in the city or in my kitchen trying my hand at some new pasta experiment. I have a weakness for all things furry, and spend as much time in the mountains as I can.

    How I'll approach your wedding

    I’m a romantic at heart, and my work reflects that. I’m naturally drawn to old-world imagery that feels substantial and timeless in style. I love capturing those quiet human moments that made you fall in love with each other in the first place, while also representing the beauty and significance of the occasion. I’m a lover of movement and warm, natural light.

    I describe my shooting style as “free-spirited documentary”— I aim to create moments where couples will forget they’re even being photographed, and feel free to be who they are together. However, I also realize you’re not models (yet), so I’ll give you direction to help you look your best and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

    On the wedding day, I prefer to immerse myself fully and shoot from inside the party to catch those off-guard moments. I am subtle and invisible when I need to be, then very visible when necessary, like when I’m corralling bridesmaids for a group shot.

    I believe in seeing clients through the entire process personally (just me–no associates). I do all of my own editing work and album design, and I like to incorporate a film-like aesthetic into my digital work, to provide clients with the best of both worlds.

    I enjoy working with those who appreciate and give space for the real beauty to be felt, and those with the ability to let go and enjoy the moment. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting your wedding dress dirty in beautiful places and are willing to go outside your comfort zone to get that killer shot, let’s create some images together!