Sarah Wight New York Candid Adventure Photographer

    Who’s this stranger following us around on the greatest day of our life?

    Hey there, I’m Sarah. I’ve always had a camera in my hands. As a child, I was always stealing my mom’s camera–I loved the way I could freeze a moment in time with the click of a button. I shot my first wedding at age 18, and it sparked a fire in me that has led to an unbelievably fulfilling career as a wedding photographer.

    I’m from the beautiful mountainous state of Utah. I graduated with a BFA in photography, before moving to New York City to chase my photography dreams. It’s hard to be this far from my family (they’re the only ones who get my movie quotes), but I know I’m right where I need to be. Currently, I’m photographing lots of weddings and portraits near New York, and I love bringing my camera along to adventures all over the country and overseas.

    On any given night, you can catch me and my sexy husband swing dancing somewhere in the city or in the kitchen cooking up some tasty Indian-fusion dinner. We cuddle with our two floofy kitties every night (they give us no choice), and spend as much time in the mountains as we can.

    How I'll approach your wedding

    I had the absolute inexpressible joy of marrying the love of my life just last September. Our wedding day was intimate and adventurous, and perfectly us. Experiencing all the emotions of a wedding day as a bride— sneaking a glance at your sisters beaming up at you during the ceremony, tearing up as your college roommate happy cries how long she’s wanted this for you, seeing your parents embrace your new husband’s family as their own— it’s more than a human can possibly contain in your heart without exploding. This new perspective reignited my passion for capturing these precious memories for couples and everyone they love. You may not remember what flavor your wedding cake was 50 years down the road, but you’ll always have your wedding photos to remind you of all the love that surrounds the two of you.

    I’m a sucker for romance, and my work reflects that. I’m drawn to classic imagery that feels timeless and natural. I’m a big fan of movement, earthy tones and natural light.

    I describe my style as “free-spirited documentary”— I create moments where you forget you’re being photographed, and feel free to be who you are together. I also get that you’re not models (yet), so I’ll give you direction to help you look fantastic and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

    Creating photographs is a collaboration between me and you, and I need you to bring your A-game too! I’ll keep things chill and promise not to judge your silly faces. Don’t be afraid to open up and show me what you love most about your relationship.